Ofra Liquid Lipsticks

January 31, 2017 Review

Hello Beautiful people! So lets talk about my favourite liquid lipsticks since 2016 as some of the other brand liquid lipsticks did disappoint me but these haven’t fortunately ! I have high standards when it comes to liquid lipstick because a lot of them can be very drying or feel flaky on my lips and when I find one that I love, I have to rave about it 😀
I was surprised when I tried OFRA Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick, which dries down to matte finish. It’s definitely not the usual liquid lipstick. It’s weightless, non-sticky, very pigmented, and most importantly, non-drying.

OFRA Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick is a one step full lip color that does not feather. The formula is creamy and soft in texture, moisturizing the lips and creating a long lasting lipstick effect.

In flash light

As Ofra claims all shades contain antioxidants and Vitamin-E while the formula provides a lightweight layer of lasting color to make you look stunning all day. Color will last in a perfect condition up to five hours without eating or drinking. For best results do not eat or drink for 15 minutes after applying.

So what I love about ofra liquid lipsticks:
-it’s highly pigmented.
-it only takes one swipe for the color to come out.
-it glides smoothly and evens out effortlessly on the lips.
-one dip of the applicator is good enough for my entire lips.
-it’s not drying – but I like to moisturize my lips before applying any liquid lipstick.
-it’s long lasting.
– It can last for about 4-5 hours on my lips without drinking or eating specially the darker shades.
-it comes in various shades! The number of shades actually surprised me. You can see the swatches below which I have in my collection.
-it’s really creamy and dries down to demi-matte.
-it doesn’t settle in between the lines.
-it feels light and non-sticky compared to other liquid lipsticks.
-it has nice caramel scent and I love it.

Swatches in room light

Swatches in flash light

The name of swatches from right to left are: Americano, Charmed, Aries, Mina, Miami-fever, Cancun, Atlantic-city, Santa-anaa, Rio, Laguna-beach, Surfers-paradise, Ultimate-red

These liquid lipstick are on the top of my list of favorites. The formula feels nice on my lips and the wear is awesome. Not to mention, there is a great variety of colors to choose from. I didnt feel like using a lipliner for these liquid lipsticks but if you’re a fan of using lipliners before applying lipsticks that would give an awesome shade and texture as well. These retail for 19.90$ on their website www.ofracosmetics.com.
I bought some of these liquid lipsticks from @Fashion & makeup Riyadh, Ksa and have recently bought other new shades from @makeup4uonline Lahore, Pakistan.

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  1. Rabiishan says:

    Loved the review and now wanna try these…. sadly i dont have any ofra liquid lipsticks now planning to get few shades

  2. Shaha says:

    This is very good review n now am tempted to buy them =)

  3. Maryam says:

    Loved your Review! Now i will try all of them ?

  4. Ayesha Shahid says:

    Wow ?❤️

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