Tea Tree face mask and Sea Weed Clay Mask

December 2, 2016 Review

So ladies some skincare stuff, as you all know I love trying new masks whether high end or drugstore, I bought these masks several months back, I really love the tea tree line from @¬†https://www.instagram.com/TheBodyShopJed/ and some other masks from this brand, Tea tree mask: for blemished skin : I have oily/combi skin leading towards blemish-prone skin, so Im always looking for something which would stop my zits or any redness, I really loved the menthol which gives the face a tingling, calm and refresh feeling, I apply it twice a week and I do feel it cleanses deeply without drying and making the redness go down, Yes I will buy this again and again, I’ve bought it for the second time now, I love this stuff its smell and its budget friendly, a little goes along way, its also good for enlarged pores, acne, is lightweight and easy to wash off! This mask is pretty thick and smooth. I put on a different amount depending on my needs for that day. After about three minutes you can feel a refreshing cool over your face, very invigorating. It dries in about 10-20 minutes. It takes a little effort to get it off after it dries but I can tell an immediate difference after my face is clean. My skin feels smoother and just all around cleaner and less inflamed. I use it once a week. I don’t see the harm in using it more frequently but i also don’t see the need to. That would just be users preference. I highly recommend it.

SeaWeed Ionic Clay Mask: best for oily/ combi skin: this is a thick clay mask enriched with minerals to detoxify and to deep cleanse the skin, it did cleanse my skin and specially my zits were dried and gone the other day, it did suck up all my oil really good without over drying the skin, it can be used as an effective overnight treatment directly on cystic and nodular acne, thin layer should be applied that’s the key to success, my skin feels refreshed and looks much cleaner and healthier as if detoxified, pores are tightened and while it does NOT moisturiser, it does not aggravate any flakiness. It has alot of product in the tub, yes its bit pricey but will last u longer a little amount is needed and it dries very quickly on the face after applying, If you have used Glam glow then you will know when you use this one but in affordable form. I wouldn’t recommend it for dry skin. But yes for oily/combi skin.

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